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We offer support to all individuals in need throughout all regions in Kosovo. Each region division on the map contains information about local public and private institutions in the specified district.

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For more information, please click on the region that your municipality belongs to.

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Center for Social Work in Pristina Region


Teuta Morina



Sonja Nesic


Fushë Kosova

Abaz Gigolli



Behar Amerllahu


Artana/ Novoberdo

Fadil Gerbeshi



Fatime Halimi



Luljeta Osmani/ Skender Rama




Vehbi Mujku


Prishtine Qender

Blerim Shabani


Prishtine – Kodra e Trimave

Hysnije Pajaziti


Prishtine – Bregu i Diellit

Ilirjana Mehmetaj


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The mission of the organization is to develop the skills and potentials of people with autism, helping them to integrate into society. This will be achieved through advocacy on the impact of central and local policies related to autism and the services and needs that these people have, as well as on raising public awareness on the acceptance and treatment of people with autism.these people have, as well as on raising public awareness on the acceptance and treatment of people with autism. The main activity of the organization is to provide therapeutic services for children with autism on the programs listed below: ABA therapy- center based services Portage Program and home based services Community based services

Location : Selim Berisha, 56. Arberi, Prishtine

Executive Director : Cene Krasniqi


Tel: +383 45 442 343


Down Syndrome Kosova

Early Intervention and Education Services
Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Parental Support

Autonomy and Vocational Training Services
Personal and Social Autonomy classes, Sexual Education Classes, Active Citizenship and Self – Advocacy Classes, Non – formal Education Classes, Vocational Training / Employment Classes, Parental Support

Location : Selim Berisha, 56. Arberi, Prishtine

Executive Director : Sebahate Hajdini – Beqiri


Tel: +383 38 229 715 | +383 44 476 750


Shpresa dhe Shtëpitë e Fëmijëve-Kosovë

Provision of the social and sheltering services for children in need of protection (national level). Food, hygienic package, health care and medicaments, psycho-social support, formal and informal education and school’s supplies, life skills programme, educative & social & recreative activities, summer activities.

Location : N/A

Executive Director: N/A

E-mail: N/A

Tel: N/A

Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports – POLIS

Social services for children with disabilities within the SMILE Center where the following specialized services are provided: Physiotherapeutic, Psycho-social, Speech Therapy and Day Care, Advocacy for improving conditions, policies and support for categories in need, especially children with special needs and disabilities, Awareness of the whole public about the support and socialization of children with special needs and disabilities, Involvement of vulnerable groups in decision-making and improvement of public services.

Implementation of Community Score Card in the field of health, Promotion and advocacy for participatory budgeting at the local level, Monitoring of local institutions and involvement in co-drafting and review of local public policies, Empowering women and youth in entrepreneurship, business development and employment

Location: Haradin Bajrami, Nr.10, 14000 Lipjan

Executive Director : Fitim Sadiku


Tel: +383 44 727 621


KHCS Mother Teresa (MTS)

Collects and delivers humanitarian aid to most marginalized community, Provide vulnerable families with means to support themselves through income generating projects and vocational training, Uses education as preventive measure: by empowering women and non-majority community ,Provide social and psychosocial support to elderly and children, Promotes human rights, social cohesion and activism

Location : Mujë Krasniqi nn, ULPIANA U1/1 , 10000 Prishtinë

Executive Director : Zef Shala


Tel: +383 38 542 864/5 | +383 44 128 277 | +383 44 154 371


Center for Protection of Women and Children

Accommodation 24/7, Food, Clothes, Medicines, Psycho-social sessions, Legal advice, Health services, Educational activities, Occupational therapy, Tailoring courses, Foreign courses, Computer courses, Also accompaniment in institutions (police, courts, health centers, school etc)

Location : Rr: “Imzot Nikë Prela”nr.45, Ulpianë-Prishtinë

Executive Director : Zana Asllani


Tel: +383 545 476 | +383 44- 425 -111


QENDRA E KUJDESIT DITOR – PEMA is a non-governmental organisation in Kosovo, working hand-in-hand with national and local authorities, as well as local institutions and other organisations to provide community-based social services to children with disabilities. Our vision is for all children with disabilities and special education needs to have access to high quality, specialised services and to be fully integrated into society.

PEMA day care centres serve children with diverse needs, including those diagnosed as having a significant cognitive deficit, including Down’s syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy.

Services are based on multidisciplinary and multi-sector approaches, including provision of supportive and safe environment for improving quality of life, capacity building, and activities enabling development opportunities and social inclusion of vulnerable children.
Activities includes individual and family psychosocial counselling, rehabilitation, speech therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and therapeutic play aimed at teaching life skills, relaxation, providing a basic education and increasing socialisation, communication and interaction of children with others. Home-based care is also offered to provide rehabilitation services, support and advise parents on the best care for their children, follow-up the condition of children, as well as identify and inform families about the service provision in the day care centres.

Location : Str. Tirana, Blloku A6, Ent. B5, Nr 18 Prishtinë, 10000 Kosovë

Executive Director : Liridona Zogaj


Tel: +383 545 476 | +383 44- 425 -111

Small Development Business Centre of Kosovo

Health/Medical Services, Psychological Services, Home Care Services, Capacity building, Marketing and communications, Economic development, Job Creation, Employability and Matchmaking.

Location : Gracanica/10500/King Milutin NN

Executive Director : Milan Dabic


Tel: +383 49326 463 | +383 49326 463

Klubi Dëshira (Clubhouse Deshira)

Organization Klubi Deshira is a community-based day center that provides opportunities for people with mental health problems and intellectual disabilities in Prishtina region and works close with Mental Health Centers Network through country. 195 members of Klubi Deshira are able to fulfill their potential and achieve a sense of belonging, dignity and self-worth through employment, social and educational choices available through training program, activities and social service.

Much more than our program activities, our Daily Center is a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal becoming productive members of society over the course of their lives.

The Klubi Deshira, since 2001 is organized to support people living with mental health problems and people with intellectual disability to rejoin the friendship, family, employment and education.

Our program activities offer members:

Daily activities in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and encouraged, Offering members opportunities for friendship, employment and education, and access to social and psychological services, Training to obtain employment in mainstream working environment, Direct home care support assistance, Assistance in accessing community-based educational resources, Assistance in accessing medical, psychological, wellness, and other community support resources, Assistance in securing and sustaining safe in their family

Location : Gracanica/10500/King Milutin NN

Executive Director : Nusret Shillova


Tel: +383 44 173 974

Association of Paraplegic and Children Paralysis Persons of Kosovo – HANDIKOS

Community Based Rehabilitation Centers Program is a strategy in the frame of general progress of the community, that aims rehabilitation, equal opportunities and social inclusion of children and adults with disabilities, by supporting them towards living an independent and dignified life with full participation and involvement in the society. Below mentioned services are the key and foremost services offered by HANDIKOS as part of Community Based Rehabilitation Centers program and they aim to preserve and advance physical and mental health of people with disabilities.

Services for Children:
Physiotherapy Service, Psycho- Social Service, Psychology Service, Ergo therapy Service, Ancillary Equipment Services, Childcare service.

Services for Parents:
Psycho – Social Service for Parents.

Services for adults;
Psycho –Social Service for Adults, Ancillary Equipment Service, Field Visits Service.

Location : Rr. Nekibe Kelmendi, Veternik, Prishtinë 10000, Kosovë

Executive Director : Afrim Maliqi


Tel: +383 49 377 655


Fondacioni Terre des hommes Lausanne në Kosovë (TDHK)

TdhK areas of expertise range from direct psycho-social interventions with vulnerable children and their family and community members through daily center services as:
Supportive learning and psycho-social activities, psychological counseling, parenting sessions, awareness-raising activities for the promotion of children’s rights, cross-sectoral approach to case management of children at risk contributing to a comprehensive approach to care and protection of child welfare, identification, and monitoring of children in street situation, refer and provide support of cases in need of protection, preceding them to meeting basic needs by providing meals and hygiene services, to strengthening local, regional, and national level institutions, and key actors through capacity building and on-the-job training to develop and implement appropriate child-sensitive structures, policies, standards, and procedures within the country.

Location : Street: Rrustem Statovci, 11/2, 10000, Pristina – Kosovo

Executive Director : Florina Sefaj


Tel: 038 244 574 | +38345355005

SOS Fshatrat e Fëmijëve Kosovë

The target group of the program are abandoned children, children who have lost parental care and children who are at risk of losing parental care. SOS Fshatrat Fëmijëve Kosovë in line with the UN Guideline on Alternative Care, provides direct family care alternative services through SOS Family Long-Term Care, Youth Care and the Semi-Independence Program as well as professional capacity building for Foster Care. Prevention of child abandonment in the SOS Program is realized through the units: Family Strengthening Programs and Counseling Center for Children and Families.

Location : Rr. 1 Tetori, p.n., Velania, 10000, Prishtinë

Executive Director : Ms. Nezahat R. Salihu


Tel: +383 (0) 38 516 977 | +383 (0) 38 749 887

Web Site:

Shoqata e Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuara HANDIKOS-DRENAS

Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Non-formal education, Services with assistant devices, Social services in the family. Referral services.

Location : Rr. Xhevat Demaku nr.72  Drenas

Executive Director : Behxhet BINAKU


Tel: 038 585 699 | +383 44 170 860

Organizata për Fëmijët pa Kujdes Prindor-OFAP

Professional Psychological Services, Pedagogical Services, Psycho-Social Services, Trainings on ”Positive Discipline in Daily Parenting”, with parents, Various Trainings in the field of Defense Policy

Location : Rr. Lakrishtë Sol 1 Lok 3/1, Prishtinë

Executive Director : Ibadete Krasniqi


Tel: 038 613 888 | +383 44 168 146


Kosovo Association of the Blind (KAB)

Orientation and mobility services for blind people in adulthood, Braille reading for blind people in adulthood, IT service for the blind, Services in early stimulation 0-6 years for blind children, Trainings with parents on the topic of early intervention, Trainings with the staff of preschool institutions on early stimulation of blind children, Services for blind children attending regular school in the field of Braille, orientation and mobility, Psycho-social services for the blind

Location : Sunny Hill, str.Rifat Burgjeviç, Llam 5, 10000, Pristine, Kosova

Executive Director : Daut Tishuki

E-mail: |

Tel: +383 44 493 202


Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – PVPT

The Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT) is a local non-governmental, non-profit organization that addresses the causes and consequences of violence through a multi-sectorial approach (socio-economic services, awareness raising and contribution in making drafting social policies) advocacy, research and facilitates empowerment of the targeted population, through provision of social assistance, prevention and education; advocacy and information, awareness raising and empowerment;, vocational trainings and other recreational activities, as well as long-term rehabilitation and reintegration of Victims and Potential Victims of Human Trafficking, children at risk to be trafficked and Gender Based Violence Victims.

PVPT accomplishes its mission through a multi–disciplinary approach in two pillars:
Direct Assistance (Shelter, Rehabilitation and Long-term Reintegration), Prevention.

Location : Str. Mehmet Akif Ersoy, PN.1 Taslixhe II, Pristina 10000, Kosovo

Executive Director : Teuta Abrashi

E-mail: |

Tel: +383 38 516 500 | +383 44 193 457


Asociacioni Nacional I Autizmit në Kosovë

Developmental assessment, Drafting of individual plans, Trainings for parents, Professional consultation with parents and children, Therapeutic stimulation session, Speech therapy session, Training for assistants, Awareness and advocacy campaign for people with autism, Recreational activities (painting, music, sports).

Location : St. Gustav Mayer, Nr 1-1, Prishtinë, Kosovë

Executive Director : Jeta Deva Noci


Tel: +38349646326


N.G.O.Association of the persons with children paralyses ”Handicap Kosova”

Advocation & lobbing for PWDs rights, Training for students  that work with PWDs, Training of PWDs with aim of their employment, Physiotherapeutic services for PWDs, Medical care services for PWDs, Repairment of wheelchairs and other orthopedic equipment for PWDs

Location : Str.”Hil Mosi” No.5, 10000 Prishtina

Executive Director : Fatos Novakazi


Tel: +38344121503; +38344264561

NGO Autizmi Flet

The main objective is to provide therapeutic professional services to people with autism spectrum, also lobbying for awareness through ongoing activities, integration and inclusion in society.

Professional help for children with autism spectrum; Identifying children with autism spectrum; Provide daily educational services for children with speculative autism; Increasing motor and intellectual skills of children with autism spectrum; Integration of children into the regular education system; Professional counseling for children’s parents with speeches on autism; Advocacy for children with autism spectrum; Continuous research on autism spectrum

Location : Str.Luan Haradinaj Hyr.21/8 second floor nr.4

Executive Director : Violetë Hyseni


Tel: +38344889498

The Association of Returnee Women Naš dom

The Association of Returnee Women achieves its goals through four programs:
• Health and social program: Preventive health programs (education and preventive gynecological examinations)
Help and care for the elderly and sick at home
• Economic program: Programs for launching innovative businesses (start-up), development of existing businesses (management, marketing), social entrepreneurship and self-employment
Collection of secondary goods with the aim of recycling and making goods for another purpose
Registration on the Labor Market as an employer
• Educational program: Educational programs in the field of women’s rights, green agenda and civic participation. We are part of the Democracy in Action Coalition, which has been following the elections in Kosovo for years
• Humanitarian program: The Women’s Solidarity Fund, founded in 2014, initiates actions to collect aid for vulnerable population groups (with an emphasis on children and women) in food, hygiene, clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, school books and accessories; everything except money, and collects it and delivers it to people in need

Location : Str.Selo Prekovce, bb, 16000 Novo  Brdo

Executive Director : Aleksandra Stanković


Tel: +38345214907

Center for Peace and Tolerance Pristina

• Provision of direct specialized social home services for children, adults in need, victims of domestic violence or victims of human trafficking, elderly and abandoned persons in need;
• Provision of direct services of psychosocial and physiotherapeutic support in the community for children, adults in need, victims of domestic violence or victims of human trafficking, elderly and abandoned persons in need;
• Provision of direct specialized home services for Covid19 convalescents from vulnerable social groups.
– Training and assistance in the certification of geronto housewives,
– Provision of concrete help in food and hygiene necessities.

Location : Str.Milosa Obilica n.n.,10500 Gracanica

Executive Director : Nenad Maksimović


Tel: +38348589788


Kosovar Centre for Self-Help

Creation and organization of self-help groups in different topics (family problems, persons with physical disabilities, groups with parents of children with disabilities, women victims of domestic violence, mental health, family members of persons with mental disorders, persons in depression, trauma, suffering, mourning, women with breast cancer, persons on rehabilitation procedures and other categories of society that have the same problems and who can benefit from the joint meetings and from the support based on experience; Provision of professional psychological services for persons in need and specific categories of society in need; Representation of a reference point for all groups who share this methodology and cooperate with public and private entities who work to promote health and improve the quality of life of people, families and community; Organization of specific trainings for workers, facilitators, servants and volunteers in order to foster new programs and adopt self-help methodology and development of capacities of NGO’s.

Organization of advocacy activities aiming to support the rights of different categories supported by KCSH; Promotion of the rights of different categories in employment, education, inclusion using self-help methodology; Building of public awareness through publications, media involvement and public events.

Location : Str.Kroi i bardhë, Lam. II, no. 35

Executive Director : Valon Ismaili


Tel: +38338542829; +38344134169

Ženski Inkuzivni Centar /Qendra e Perfshirjes se Grave /Women`s Inclusion Center (ZEC/QPG/WIC)

Physical protection and safety, Psychotherapeutic treatment (individual and group), Work and occupational therapy, Social counseling and support (individual, group, contacts with other institutions), Legal assistance – through the services of a licensed ZECa lawyer and use of the services of the Free Legal Aid Office, Offices ombudsman (users are enabled to receive legal advice, prepare submissions and represent them in court), Medical assistance and rehabilitation from licensed health workers in cooperation with health institutions (emergency medical interventions, control examinations, drug therapy), In preparation Therapeutic work with a partner/perpetrator of violence together with the Social Protection Services in the targeted municipalities in the premises of the Service, in the family – through mobile visits or through the organization of self-help groups, Economic independence of beneficiaries through economic empowerment (inclusion of beneficiaries in the economic empowerment programs of ZEC, increasing competitiveness on the labor market.

Cooperation with employment offices and other NGO organizations that implement economic support programs for marginalized groups), Psychotherapeutic treatment of child victims of violence (psychological support, help in mastering the curriculum, recreational and entertainment program implemented by volunteers), Contact and cooperation with government institutions and non-governmental organizations in order to implement an individual plan for the protection and reintegration of shelter users into the social community, SOS line 080021000 (free calls for VALA users) and SOS Counseling Center (telephone, online, tele-counseling, field work), Monitoring of residents after leaving the Center

Location : Novo Brdo

Executive Director : Vesna Stajić


Tel: 038 576 954 | +383(0)44 404 465

Peja Region


Haxhere Turjaka



Naser Sylaj



Xhavit Shala


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Providing housing for children without parental care,
Training of children after adulthood with professional training/courses,
Providing assistance to families in need when we have material opportunities

Location : Leskoc-Kline

Executive Director : Massimo Mazzali


Tel: +383 49477820 | +383 44223101

Centre for Independent Life (CIL)

Provision of rehabilitation services for children and youngsters with mental disabilities. Increasing skills of children and youngsters with disabilities in writing, reading, increasing their awareness about environment, discussions in groups, respect each other and develop their freedom by integrating in society. Increase trust of persons with mental disabilities in order to be part equal part of society. Provision of support for children and youngsters with disabilities to become as independent as possible in terms of autonomous travelling, hygiene, preparation of food, handling in shops and increasing their capacities in hand working.

Creation of space – place where persons with mental disabilities get together, talk, play, build, draw, sing and help them express their emotions through psycho-social support and just stimulation. Provision of support for family members who have within families persons with mental disabilities through counselling and trainings.

Location:  Vitomericë, Rajoni 2, Pejë  – Kosovë

Executive Director : Fitore Haxhihasani


Tel: +383 (0) 44 13 76 23


Provision of orthopedic tools, home visits, advocacy-lobbying, physiotherapeutic-psychological sessions, transportation of beneficiaries, humanitarian program – food, hygienic and health packages.

Location: Marie Shllaku nr 20 Pejë

Executive Director : Egzon Qorkadiu


Tel: 039432078 | +383 44 252 237

Women Wellness Center

Women Wellness Center, Safe House for Women and Children Victims of Violence is women-led NGO; started working in September 1999 by a group of women with the aim to combat gender based violence and discrimination.

Women Wellness Centre offers a place that is respectful, safe, and supportive for women and children / survivors of domestic violence taking into account their unique needs and the obstacles they face as they seek services on their way out of violence relationship. Other services provided include crisis intervention, individual counselling, reproductive health and gender-based violence education, psychological, and legal support.

In addition we work on women reintegration by improving socio-economic position of women in our community through organizing services for socio-economic inclusion of women and services and organizing training programs for disadvantaged groups of women, etc.


Location: Str.12 Qershori 16 Pejë

Executive Director : Ardita Ramizi Bala


Tel: +38339421398 | +38344/49278809


“Duart Plote Meshire”

Psychosocial Services for children with minor disabilities and children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian ethnicity.  Medical and psychosocial services for patients and elderly without proper care. Humanitarian Aid for people mainly living on social welfare.


Location: Str.Vitomirica Region II, Peja

Executive Director : Najqe Kelmen


Tel: +38344155863

Centres for social services in Ferizaj Region 


Adelina Rexhepi-Braha


Hani i Elezit

Amir Bushi



Ruzhdi Berisha



Jener Fazliu



Haqif Xhemajli


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Caritas Kosova

health care and improved access to health services, improving the social position of people in need and developing a community for inclusion and social cohesion, creating preconditions for increasing employability and self-employment, realization of the right to quality education, assistance in situation of natural disasters and conflict

Location : Str. Shën Nënë Tereza No. 3 Catholic Church
70000 Ferizaj, Kosovë

Executive Director : Mr. Alfred Pjetri


Tel: +383 (0) 290 328 110 | +383 (0) 44 470 961


Center for the Protection of Women and Children Shtëpia Ime

The shelter operates to provide protection, security, accommodation and support to survivors of ill-treatment in the emergency phase as well as along the road which aims to get the women out of violence.

Location : Rruga Uran Tinova p.n., Ferizaj 70000, Kosovë

Executive Director : Sevdije Kasumi – Bunjaku


Tel: +383 49 334 354

Association of Persons with Disabilities-Handikos Ferizaj

Community-based multidisciplinary rehabilitation services for children with disabilities, Day care services for people with disabilities. Home-based services for people with disabilities. Handikos Ferizaj implements a large number of advocacy activities and interventions that aim to achieve positive and sustainable changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

Location : Zenun Beqa  24 A

Executive Director : Xhemile Murseli


Tel: +383 49 945 102 | +383 49 723 700

The association of persons with disabilities “Hendifer”

The services offered by the “Hendifer” association are: Home visits to people who live alone; Ergo-therapy; Group therapy and individual therapy; Supply of orthopedic equipment; Advocacy and lobbying for the employment of persons with disabilities; Speech therapy; Education for children who have learning problems; Art therapy; IT (Information technology) courses; Supply of food packages for poor families; Sport activities; The day center where the main activities are organized for children, single mothers and mothers of persons with disabilities; Rehabilitation day camp.

Location : Str.Gjon Serreçi, nr. 43, Ferizaj 

Executive Director : Fazile Bungu

E-mail: |

Tel: +38344226923

Gjakova Region


Ali Tahirsylaj



Pranush Komani



Ylfete Kryeziu


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Providing individual trauma recovery and group psychosocial counselling for the survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during and after the war, Providing group legal counselling and individual legal aid to women survivors of SGBV during and after the war, Providing legal and technical assistance to wartime survivors of sexual violence to access their status recognition and justice, Providing health education, physiotherapy and primary medical care for the survivors, Providing art and occupational therapy as tools for rehabilitation of survivors,

Providing agricultural resources (bees, bee-care supplies, milking supplies, chicks and incubators, plants etc) to socially vulnerable survivors and supporting their access to agricultural subsidy programs from local institutions, Providing training for institutions and NGOs in increasing knowledge on trauma-informed approach and developing awareness raising campaigns against the stigma related to sexual violence, Developing advocacy and lobby activities for addressing the status and rights of the survivors of SGBV during and after the war

Location : Luigj Gurakuqi No.39; 50000 Gjakove
70000 Ferizaj, Kosovë

Executive Director : Veprore Shehu

E-mail: |

Tel: +383 (0)390 321 139 | +383 (0)49 188 316


NGO”Safe House” Gjakova

Sheltering and accommodation of women and children victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence, Health Care and Physical Safety, Psychosocial and Legal counseling, (face to face, by phone (SOS line), and in groups with women and girls survivors of violence, Formal and non-formal education of children to attend interrupted primary or secondary education, Educational and entertaining activities for children living with their mothers in the Safe House,

Reintegration through various courses such as; Training of sheltered women and girls (courses in beekeeping, cream production, cooking, knitting, tailoring, foreign languages, computer, etc.
Presentations in communities and institutions (for health workers, social workers, police, etc., for the prevention of domestic violence and gender-based violence and its consequences in society, Seminars and trainings with different professional groups for recognizing and dealing with cases of domestic violence and gender-based violence, Presentations with school students on the prevention and consequences of domestic violence, Awareness campaign with numerous activities and publications
Advocacy for victims’ rights, Economic empowerment of victims and Treatment of perpetrators Capacity building of staff to provide the highest quality services for victims of domestic and gender-based violence,

Free helpline to provide counseling for women and girls victims of domestic and gender-based violence. Tel number 080080001.

Location : Str.”Gjergj Fishta”N n

Executive Director : Erblina Dinarama


Tel: 0390-330-098 | +383 44-830-151

Medica Gjakova

Medica Gjakova’s Departments
Psychosocial Department, Gynecological Department, Legal Department, Economic Empowerment Department, Finance and Administration Department

Medica Gjakova’s Activities
Individual ,group, family and couple psychosocial counseling in the office premises and in the field, Providing general advice in the villages/towns of the region where the Association operates,Providing individual advice and support during the application process for the pension to the Commission on Recognition and Verification of the Status of Sexual Violence Victim during the Kosovo, Primary gynecological consultations / visits in the center and field, Gynecological check -ups and pap tests, Legal advice and assistance in the center and in the village, Compilation of prefixes and areas obtained from judicial bodies and other public authorities, Economic empowerment of women activities.

Organizing educational and professional capacity developments in villages and neighborhoods inhabited by a group of minority women, Public work, advocating and lobbying for women’s issues, Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences on issues of women’s rights and equality.

Location : Str. Fadil Nimani No. 34 Gjakova, 50000 Republic of  Kosovo

Executive Director : Mirlinda Sada

E-mail: |

Tel: 0390 326 812 | +383 44 99 66 55

Web Site:

Shoqata e paraplegjikëve dhe paralizës së fëmijëve të Gjakovës “Handikos Gjakovë”

Services offered by Handikos in Gjakova:
Ergo / physiotherapy services, Psycho-social counseling / support for individuals and their families / guardians, Nursing services, health monitoring and referral to health institutions, Creative and recreational activities for adolescents and adults with disabilities, Social support for people with disabilities, Speech therapy services, Home care for self-care and independence for daily activities.

Community Field Assistant Services, Speech therapy services, Non-formal education, Advocacy and lobbying campaign with local and central institutions on empowerment and respect for the rights of persons with disabilities, Dancing courses for teenagers and young people with disabilities, Acting courses for teenagers and young people with disabilities Painting courses for teenagers and young people with disabilities.

In addition to the services offered by Handikos Gjakova, it has:
Advocacy group of parents of children with disabilities, Advocacy group of young people with disabilities, The group of children with disabilities, The group of young photographers, Recreational sport fishing group, Wheelchair Basketball sport group

Location : Str. “Tivari” n.n. Gjakova 50000 Kosova

Executive Director : Brilanda Ballata


Tel: +383 390 327 150 | +383 44 424 266


We offer daily mobile social services for marginalized groups, and especially for children in heavy and demanding jobs. As well as services distribution of aid, identification, advocacy and change of condition, situation in general for the mentioned marginalized groups, but in the future also for children with Down syndrome

Location : Str. “ Gezim Hamza – Piktori “ N.N. 21000, Rahovec

Executive Director : Enis Berisha


Tel: +38344204096


Mitrovica Region


Danijela Nikolic



Gani Mustafa


Mitrovica Veriore

Dejan Djinović



Syka Beqiri



Kimete Mehana


Zubin Potoku

Grado Djordjevic



Biljana Nikolic


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Shoqata e Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuar të Mitrovicës – Handikos Mitrovica

Handikos Mitrovica provides direct social services for people with disabilities in the Mitrovica region, by implementing a Community Based Rehabilitation Program, such as:
Provision of day-care services for children with disabilities, based on service standards and with qualified professional staff, Capacity building of parents of children with disabilities in the aspect of contributing to their child development to their fullest potential, as well as individual and group counselling with parents/family members, Active advocacy in public and non-public local institutions, to ensure the protection and advancement of the rights of people with disabilities in society, including the right to free movement, quality health services, social welfare, education and employment.

Assistive equipment services for children and adults with disabilities in the Center and at home, adapting to the needs of beneficiary, Continuous identification of children and adults with disabilities, and their registration in the database, Counselling and advice on daily living skills, and mobility.

Location : Rruga “Nexhip Dragaj” nr.70, Mitrovicë

Executive Director : Myrvete Hasani


The Association of Parents Support me North

Psychological counseling for parents of children with disabilities, psychological counseling for children and youth with disabilities, speech therapy for children and youth with disabilities, physical therapy for  children and youth with disabilities, musical workshops, educational workshops, creativity workshops, theatrical workshops, sports workshops, everyday skills workshops, workshops of visual arts.

Location : Str. Nemanjina bb. / Mitrovica North

Executive Director : Irena Rakić



Center for Protection of Woman and Children – “RABA VOCA” 

Services offered by CPWC “Raba Voca” for survivors: accommodation (food, hygiene, clothing). During their stay in the shelter, they are offered psychosocial counseling, psychological sessions, recreational activities by the psychosocial counselor, tailoring courses, cooking courses, computer courses, hairdressing courses, health education.
According to the needs of the survivors, the escort to the court, CPS, medical checks, withdrawal of social benefits, telephone contacts with family members, etc. are carried out.

Location : Str. Ramadan Peci nr.12, Mitrovicë

Executive Director : Fidane Hyseni



Gjilan Region


Mursel Zymberi


Dardana/ Kamenica

Bejtulla Morina



Vojislav Kostic



Tihomir Simic



Zoran Ristic



Syle Salihu


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Association  for Protection of Rights of Women and Child-Liria-Gjilan

The activities of the Center Liria focus on:

Direct assistance in providing optimal services to victims of all forms of violence, housing, accommodation and rehabilitation, legal, social and psychological counseling, institutional cooperation, awareness and sensibilisation raising, staff capacity building, economic strengthening

“Liria “ shelters victims of domestic violence affected by any form of violence, they are provided with physical security, food, medication, hygiene maintenance, clothing, reflection period (48 hours), tranquility, accommodation and adoption with the new living environment, adoption with shelter schedule and rules, contact opportunities with support institutions, communication with family members, presentation of service packages where they will be included, assessment of their emergency needs and drafting an individual care plan for each beneficiary, as well as health services for the well-being of cases, and cooperation with institutions that deal with the protection, treatment and rehabilitation of cases.

Legal, social and psychosocial counseling during their stay at the Liria Center, psychologists hold individual and group counseling sessions, which is an essential component of psychological healing. Self-assistance groups are a group of sheltered women who are entitled to socialize with each other and to share experiences with each other. Liria Center also provides legal and social advice to women who are not sheltered, but who addresses to the center for help. Counseling is held according to the needs of women: legal, social, psychological advice, in addition to face-to-face counseling, Liria also offers counseling through the SOS hotline. Institutional cooperation at the central and local level.

Liria Center is a member of the Inter-Ministerial Group for protection from domestic violence, Liria Center is part of the drafting of the Law, National Strategy and Standard Operating Procedures for protection from domestic violence, Liria Center is a member of the Direct Assistance Group, which has drafted Standard Operating Procedures and Minimum Standards of Care for Victims of Domestic Violence, Liria Center is a member and representative of the Kosovo Shelter Network, Member of the Kosovo Women’s Network, Liria Center is a member of the Municipal Council for Safety in Community, Member of the Coordination Mechanism Against Domestic Violence in the Municipality of Gjilan and the Municipality of Vitia

Liria Center operates in close cooperation and partnership with numerous institutions as well as other local and international organizations dealing with the prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of domestic violence. ”Liria” has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with all actors at the central and local level including:

Ministry of Labor and Transfers, Ministry of Health, Coordination Mechanism Against Domestic Violence in two municipalities: Court, Police, Center for Social Work, Office for Gender Equality, Victim Advocates, Directorate of Education, Directorate of Health, Legal Aid Commission, Regional Employment Center, Probation Service, Youth Center and Office for Children Rights.

Location : Str. 28 Nentori  n.n, 60000 Gjilan,Kosova

Executive Director : Nazife Jonuzi

E-mail: |

Tel: 0280325700 | +383 44 125 729

Handikos Gjilan

Handikos Gjilan Community Rehabilitation Center provides the following services: Psychological treatment (individual and group), speech therapy, physiotherapy and informal education; Provision of orthopedic tools – orthopedic beds, anti-decubitus mattress, manual, active and special wheelchairs, toilet wheelchairs, hydraulic and electric lift etc.

Handikos Gjilan Mobile Clinic provides the following services:  Provision of specialized services through regular outreach activities, including psychological counselling, social work physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursing care and medical aid through provision of prescribed medications;  Conduct needs assessment for each case/family in terms of health, social, protection, services or any other area that would contribute to the overall well-being; Developing individual and family treatment plans; Organizing and facilitating self-help group meetings with parents and other caregivers; Referral and follow-up monitoring to other services providers (public or non-public); Facilitating the access to other specialized services provided by public or non-public entities: Facilitating the physical access to services in mobility for elderly people and PwDs; Establish formal cooperation with public and non-public services providers in terms of identification, referral and provision of services to the most vulnerable cases among PwDs and elderly people; Establish Joint Monitoring Teams (JMTs) with other service providers to conduct outreach activities and jointly assists cases among PwD and elderly people.

Location : Str. Fehmi Agani, No.96, 60 000 Gjilan,Kosova

Executive Director : Fatmir Shurdhani


Tel: +280328817

Prizren Region


Ibrahim Gashi



Afrim Zogaj



Esat Morina



Kumrije Bytyqi



Sami Rakaqi

Muharrem Gallopeni



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Following services are provided in our center; Development activities with children and adults, psycho-social activities, activities from primary physiotherapy, ergo therapeutic sessions, speech therapy sessions with children, recreational-sports activities, workshops for young people including creative work, distribution of orthoprosthetic tools such as orthopedic electric beds, normal wheelchairs and toilets, various promenades. crutches, anti-decubitus mattress, shells, shovels, and other tools such as orthoses for hands and feet, and transport of children involved in these activities.

Depending on the projects, we try to help the families of people with special needs, with the most difficult economic situation, helping them with food packages and material for incontinence and essential medicines.

Location : Rruga “Skendeerbeu” p.n. 23000 Suharekë

Executive Director : Suzana  Gashi


Tel: +383 29 271 158 | +383 49 608 411


We offer mobile health, social, psychological, physiotherapeutic services, and these are also offered in our center. Also, in our membership, we equip ourselves with orthopedic tools, as well as advocate and lobby for the rights of people with disabilities, as well as in certain cases we also distribute food, hygiene and other packages according to projects

Location : Str.” Hamdi Berisha “ Kompleksi QKMF – N.N. 24000, Malishevë

Executive Director : Feride Isma


Tel: +38329269243 | +38344269781


Handikos renumbers 2033 members, the services we offer are: physiotherapeutic services, psychosocial sessions, non-formal education, distribution of aids, advice for families of people with special needs, rehabilitation in rehabilitation centers, full inclusion of children in regular schools, inclusiveness in employment – training for employment, sports activities, especially basketball with wheelchairs, training in handicrafts – manual work

Location : Str.”Vajzat e Sulit “ pn Prizren 20000

Executive Director : Merita Shala

E-mail: |

Tel: +38344584183


The organizations offers psychosocial services, speech therapy and educational services for students with different needs, education, training, social and psychological assistance.

Location : Str.Rexhep Hyseni 19/A – Prizren

Executive Director : Nazmije Gashi


Tel: +38344237447; +38344423288

HADER humanitarian association of parents with mentally disabled persons in Prizren

Care services for the sheltered at the center of the organization; Psychosocial services; Physiotherapy services; Health services, maintenance of mental and physical health; Cultural and entertainment services; Craft services; Psychosocial services in the field, home visits, family

Location : Str.Liman Shala , ex William Walker n.n., Prizren

Executive Director : Resmije Krasniqi


Tel: +38344278538