About Social Services in Kosovo

Through this online platform, we aim to contribute on the centralisation of information on social and family services for children, adults and families in need provided by local services providers from local public and private institutions. 

Our objective is to increase the accessbility of social services from different institutions. These services will assist individuals who, compared to the majority, are living in vulnerable conditions or are in some way disadvantaged. The mission of our social services is to support and safeguard children and adults who are exposed to endangered or distressed circumstances.

Social services are provided to:

Victims of abuse and violence

Those in vulnerable socio-economic situations

Children who have been abandoned

Children who have been neglected

Individuals living with disabilities

Children who have been medically neglected

Information on social and family services offered through this platform are compliant with the law on social and family services in Kosovo. To know who is eligible to receive social services, please refer to the list below:

  • Children without parental care.
  • Children whose parent/s or other care giver, either because of their lifestyle, physical or mental disability or illness, psycho-social problems, addiction or other reasons have  difficulty providing adequate levels of care and supervision to them.
  • Children who have a mental disability or illness.
  • Children who have a physical disability or illness.
  • Children who have behaviour difficulties.
  • Children who are delinquent.
  • Persons of advanced age.
  • Children who are suffering as a consequence of family conflicts.
  • Children who have another form of social problem that renders them in need.
  • Families where a parent or parents or other caregiver require help in caring for a child because of their own circumstance or those of the child or in circumstances where there is a child who is suffering serious harm as a result of the neglect or abuse of their parent or parents or other caregiver, or the inability of their parent or parents or other caregiver to care for them adequately, or is exposed to the possibility of experiencing such.
  • Persons subject to domestic violence.
  • Persons subject to human trafficking.
  • Persons subject to addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • Persons in need of care due to distress caused by natural or contrived emergency.
  • Persons who for some other reason are rendered in need.
  • Persons who have a physical illness or disability.
  • Persons who have a mental illness or disability.
  • Persons in vulnerability to exploitation or abuse.