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Platform on Centralized Information on Social Services

This platform will contribute to the centralization of information on social and family services for children, adults, and families in need provided by local services providers from local public and private institutions within the framework of the EU Funded Project “Strengthening Social Service Provision for the most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo in Response to Covid-19.

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We offer support to all individuals in need throughout all regions in Kosovo. Each region division on the map contains information about local public and private institutions in the specified district.
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As social services offered through this platform are compliant with the law on social and family services in Kosovo, all individuals need to check their eligibility when asking for help. 
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Institutions that provide social services

Kosovo has a system of institutions involved in ensuring the provision of good and accessible social services across the country. Some of the main institutions include:

  • The Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers
  • The Municipality
  • The Centre for Social Work
  • The Non-Government Sector.
  • Licensed Non-Government Sector
    Role of the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers

    Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers has overall responsibility for the organization of the provision of Social and Family Services in Kosovo. It ensures that inhabitants of Kosovo have fair and equal access to Social and Family Services without distinction of any kind, such as race, ethnicity, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

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    Role of Municipality

    Each Municipality, through its relevant Directorate, is responsible for ensuring the provision of Social and Family Services within its territory to a standard specified by the Ministry. Directorates deliver Social and Family Services within their territory through the activities of Centres for Social Work or by providing financial or other assistance to non-government organizations to enable them to do so.

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    Role of the Centre for Social Work

    Each Municipality establishes and maintains a Centre for Social Work which is a public institution and has one or more branch offices. This is a centre, staffed by appropriately trained and qualified professional social service officers responsible for exercising the powers set out by the Law on behalf of the Ministry and providing social and family services on behalf of the Ministry.

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    Role of the Non-Government Sector

    Legal entities, not in the Government Sector, including enterprises, voluntary organizations and associations, faith-based organizations, self-help groups, and other local, national and international organizations are encouraged to provide Social and Family Services, either on their own initiative, or under contract, on behalf of the municipal Directorate in the case of local services, or the Department in the case of Kosovo wide services.

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